Blister Critters

Created by Wythe Marschall

A mutant cartoon animal TTRPG

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Critter City Crawl Jam winners / Production updates
about 1 month ago – Fri, May 17, 2024 at 12:17:03 PM

Critter City Crawl Jam winners

Howdy! Sorry for the delay in providing updates. We've been extremely busy editing and—mostly, in Tony's case—illustrating and laying out both the Blister Critters Rulebook and the cards. Updates below!

But first, we will announce the winners of the inaugural 2024 Critter City Crawl Jam on

There were so many great locations, new Beasts and Critters, illustrations, uses of Blister-tastic yellow and pink, and lists of fun Stuff—y'all made it extremely hard for us to decide on a winner or even a short-list. Major thanks to everyone who submitted.

We took our sweet time reading and re-reading everything, chuckling at your bizarre creativity. Of 31 total entries, we have selected 11 to publish in a free PDF. Look out for that in the near future!

Here is the list of winners, whom we'll contact on Itch:

Overall winner

  • "The Rumor Mill" by RedSquirrel93 – They win a free Blister Critters Boxed Set!

Runners-up, in alphabetical order

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the jam. We hope you had fun. Who knows—perhaps we can host another jam next year to further expand the world of Blister Critters… Hit us up in the comments if you'd participate!

Production updates

The rulebook is now fully laid out, and all art is drafted. Our amazing editor, Jedd Cole, is hard at work proofing the book. It's looking very clean, just a matter of perfecting various callout styles and filling in a final few blank spots.

The book clocks in at just under 100 pages, so we're still good with our initial estimates re cost and shipping. It's a pleasure to flip through, feeling both full enough to support any number of game sessions as well as light enough to not scare off first-time players. We will share screenshots after this first, heaviest round of proofing wraps up, and as we receive printed proofs.

In the meantime, Tony and I had a great time writing The Book of Ad-Libs together, which I and then Jedd will edit once Tony finalizes the InDesign template (so we know final word counts to aim for). This is a very fun short book that we're proud of. We hope it adds something unique to your gaming tables, even if you use these fill-in-the-blank commercials on their own or in other games. (They'd work just as well in any modern setting, or as time-fillers among friends, regardless of the TTRPG.)

Finally, all 48 cards featuring Beasts, Bliffs, and NPC Critters are written, edited, and illustrated. Tony just has to lay them out, and we have to proof the layouts. For now, enjoy a peek at a few of the card-fronts:

Arcade mouse!
Cat thief!
Gatcha-gumball Bliff!
Two-headed rabbit!


The following is purely WILD speculation on Wythe's part and subject to change due to printer issues, Bliff attack, etc.

We hope to have all creative work on the rulebook, Ad-Libs, and cards finished in the next three weeks (early June) so that we can send these files off to the printer. Tony will then finish the various other pieces of the Boxed Set (the poster, card tuckbox, and the big box itself) as well as the Producer Screen. This means we may be working through June, in conversation with the printer, which likely means shipping rewards some time in the fall.

That said, you should receive a PDF of the final rulebook within a month. So get ready to play some games!

That's it for now. Stay tuned for exciting news regarding NEW Blister Critters projects that are already in the works… Goodbye and hooroo for now, friends. Happy gaming!

Reminder: please complete your BackerKit survey!
2 months ago – Mon, Apr 15, 2024 at 01:43:18 PM

Dear backers, quick reminder: we really need your surveys, especially if you backed at a Producer tier (unique Stuff callout, or unique Stuff callout + unique art).

If you don't see your survey, please DM me or, preferably, email co [at] stillfleet [dot] com. Usually, the email just gets caught in your spam filter.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the game, and expect more substantial updates with art soon. By way of a quick one:

  • The book has been edited! Jedd is wonderful and extremely fast!
  • Tony has written 252 items of Stuff, broken into various tables by room, for the main book and poster. That's a lot of Stuff!
  • Tony is working on the 48 cards, which we'll show off soon.
  • We're planning some ongoing content in the form of episode scenarios to help y'all get playing…

More soon!

Free episode by Tomb of a Thousand Doors × Blister Critters!
3 months ago – Thu, Apr 04, 2024 at 05:14:56 AM

Meet the Critter of a Thousand Blisters…

We’re very excited to announce the publication of a free standalone episode in collaboration with the crew behind the community-led Mausritter megadungeon, Tomb of a Thousand Doors.

Download the episode, “The Critter of a Thousand Blisters” >

Inspired by Stranger Things and home-shopping television networks, this delightfully weird romp mashes together the OSR-inflected dungeon-crawling of the great mouse game and our own signature obsession with (human) Stuff. It's a single-location, single-villain story driven by random tables making fun of consumer culture. And it features art by both our own Tony Grasso, creator of Blister Critters, as well as Piotr Kuberkiewicz from the Tomb of a Thousand Doors team.

The story: the Critters have fallen through a portal into the Static Zone—an inter-realm that links all of the universes in which humans have disappeared and animals taken up the reins of the earth. This strange and foreboding place, covered in TV-static snow, is home to one very curious Beast: a giant centipede now imbued with all of the powers of TV advertisements and infomercials… (Think Max Headroom meets… a giant centipede.)

"The Critter of a Thousand Blisters" was written by Wythe Marschall, Anthony Grasso, and Matthew Morris. The episode will be published in the print editions of both Tomb of a Thousand Doors and the Blister Critters Rulebook, enhancing books with one more playable scenario! Note, for that reason, the episode will be slightly different in each book, with modified mechanical language for one game or the other.

If you haven't, check out Tomb of a Thousand Doors. They are about to open a BackerKit store for late pledges.

And if you missed the Blister Critters Kickstarter campaign, check out our own BackerKit store here!




Surveys are out!
3 months ago – Fri, Mar 29, 2024 at 07:37:18 AM

We've sent out surveys, so look for one in your inbox

If you don't hear from us today, we need to confirm your email address; DM me.

Reminder, Producer-tier backers, the survey has instructions on what direction to give Tony regarding your Stuff/animal illustrations. There is a big open field, so you have plenty of room to get creative.

Further reminder, you can only pick up the Producer screen (GM screen) + character sheet pad in the BackerKit store or as an add-on. This was not offered during the campaign proper because we didn't unlock it. But we decided to create the screens + sheets anyway. We're wildcards! Zany! Can't be guessed-at!

Point is, if you have a hankering for the lovely GM screen, please add it in BackerKit.

Thanks, all! More updates soon!

BackerKit is up: reserve your Producer screens! / Shipping estimates
3 months ago – Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 09:16:32 PM


We’ve set up the BackerKit Store, so you can now reserve Producer screens + character sheet pads! It was possible to combine these products and keep the cost low enough that we can offer both for $15, only on BackerKit. We think these game aids will be useful as you and your friends dive into the wide weird world of Blister Critters!

Note, we're also offering the official dice set and 48-card booster pack full of Beasts, Bliffs, and Critters.

In other good news, we’ve now set up our Kickstarter pledge surveys and requested a review from BackerKit. We’ll start the first round of surveys (the “smoke test”) soon, followed as soon as possible by the rest.

Producer-tier responses: new canonical Stuff and art!

Dear Producer-tier backers, please fill out your surveys before April 15! We need your ideas for new, unique, canonical odd products and animal illustrations in order to finish the book. We will try our best to work with whatever you give us—and we know it’s a tight timeline—but we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate ideas that roll in after our own deadline to the printer.

If you have any questions that you can’t fit into the survey, DM me or email co [at] stillfleet [dot] com. That said, the survey answer is freeform, so you should be able to tell us everything there.

Shipping estimates

Finally, we confirmed with our BackerKit: shipping will be charged later (when we ship), based on the total weight of the orders. These are our current estimates based on global shipping prices:

  • USA, 0–2 pounds: $12
  • EU, 0–2 pounds: $18
  • Rest-of-the-world, 0–2 pounds: $20

Note, the boxed set is only estimated to weigh 1.5 pounds (and the book alone is only a few ounces), so most orders will fall into this category. We will have to develop estimates for larger weight categories, however, just in case. (If you’re a retailer and want to order lots of boxes or books, please reach out directly!)

Further reminder, you’ll only be charged for shipping later, after the printer ships the books and other game products to our distributor. More info when we have it.

Stay tuned!

We have more news coming, but that’s it for now. Tony is working on a massive art list. Jedd is almost done with the book edit, and Tony and I are responding to suggestions and requests for clarification.

And of course Tony and I are carefully reading through the Critter City Crawl game jam submissions. Thanks so much to everyone who submitted an entry: we’ve been overwhelmed by the range of fun ideas, mechanics, and illustrations!

More updates—and more art and free content—soon!